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Hospitality Jobs Abroad:

WorkPlace: 5* Divan Hotel
WorkPlace: 5* Grand Hyatt Hotel
WorkPlace: 5* Intercontinental Hotel
WorkPlace: Five Star Hotels, Turkey
WorkPlace: Hostess
WorkPlace: Waiter
Guest Relation Manager – 5* Resort, Maldives
— 5* Resort Hotel, Maldivel
Зарплата: $1000
Spa Therapist – 5* Hyatt Hotel, Jordan
— 5* Hyatt Hotel, Amman, Jordan
Зарплата: $1100
Waiter – 5* Hotels, Turkey
— 5* Hotels in Turkey
Зарплата: $400
Lifestyle Genie/Lobby Hostess – Mondrian, Qatar
— Mondrian 5* Hotel, Doha Qatar
Зарплата: 630$ + tips
Waitress – Mondrian, Qatar
— Mondrian 5* Hotel, Doha Qatar
Зарплата: 450$ + tips
Hostess/Receptionist, Qatar
— W Doha (Marriott) - 5* Hotel
Зарплата: 630$


Abroad Jobs in Hotel / Restaurant Industry

Specialists in different fields are required from the hotel manager and chef to the maid and assistant in the kitchen of the restaurant. The main qualities for applicants are: work experience and knowledge of the English language. Also, an additional advantage will be specialized education. Diplomas and certificates are provided to confirm it.

Best Places to Work

In the countries of Middle East and Asia is developing a tourist destination. There are hotels and resorts of different levels. The local flavor attracts tourists from different countries and contributes to the development of tourism. Large investments in the development of business, construction and sports. Therefore, the growth of vacancies in the hotel and restaurant business for qualified specialists from all countries is increasing every day. Local residents receive various subsidies from the state and occupy mainly senior positions.

Most popular vacancies: cook, assistant cook, waiter, hostess. Common to these vacancies is knowledge of the dishes and products from which they are prepared.