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Позиция: Cloud Engineer (Principal Level)

Место работы: flugel.it


The Principal Cloud Engineer (PCE) is responsible for delivering complex implementations and participates in discussions about architecture. The Principal is a self-driven engineer who takes the initiative when necessary, and is able to assist and coach other team members. This role must be able to participate in technical discussions with clients, the Flugel team, and they might eventually switch to the architect role when needed. The PCE must be able to troubleshoot production incidents, and manage high-pressure situations with clients during outages.

The Principal reports to Flugel architects and PMs, as well as client stakeholders such as but not limited to directors, VPs, and CTOs.


Technical Knowledge and Experience

Specific experience of +5 years in the majority of the following areas:

  • Linux system administration.
  • Experience with 2 or more programming languages.
  • Experience with AWS, GCP and/or Azure.
  • Automation tools: Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation.
  • Containers and Container orchestration (Kubernetes).


  • Ability to work with rudimentary requirements and specifications.
  • Ability to translate business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Advanced ability to read and write English.
  • Advanced ability to speak English.


  • Work with verbal and written English instructions of varying levels of detail.
  • Ability to incorporate, consolidate and take directions from the Architect.
  • Self-directed learner with the ability to address doubts and concerns with the right person when it exceeds his/her capabilities.
  • Implement best practices for their own work and deliveries, being an example and influencer for junior team members.
  • Professionally interacts with different stakeholders (CXOx, Owners, Directors, VPs).


The Principal Cloud Engineer’s main duties are the implementation of Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps methodologies, and participation in design and architecture. They evaluate risks, performance, availability, and scalability of all the components being implemented, sharing any concerning information with client stakeholders and Flugel peers. They provide hands-on work with all tasks, reviews, and coaches junior and mid-level engineers. The PCE must be able to understand how applications work, discuss features and potential improvements with developers, and possess the ability to read application code to debug if necessary.

  • Lead & participate in infrastructure code development and testing (manual and automated) (40%).
  • Provide senior level support related to Cloud Infrastructure, pipelines and developer assistance (10%)
  • Participate in architecture discussions and design (20%)
  • Provide technical leadership by actively mentoring Junior and Semi-Sr. engineers (30% of time)


Experience> 6 years
Technical knowledgePrincipal Cloud Engineers are expected to be a «technical referent» amongst the team. Their knowledge allows them to work or collaborate on challenging and complex projects.
Functional knowledgePrincipal Cloud Engineers are expected to help define processes, methodologies and standards that take place during the development of the project. And of course, to constantly meet and exceed these standards and expectations.
Proactivity— The Principal Cloud Engineer should be a self-starter who pursues tasks and requirements without holding onto the limiting belief that tasks are only given and received.

— The Principal Cloud Engineer should be the person who brings new and innovative initiatives to clients, designs and projects.

Required follow upProactively reports the status and progress of one’s own project as well as their team’s tasks and/or project.
Productivity, quality, efficiency indicators— Quality: High

— Productivity: High

— Innovation: High

Deadlines accomplishmentAlways fulfills the commitments, if identifies that deadlines are not going to be met, this is detected and communicated with enough time to look for alternatives and solutions.
Attitudes under pressure—          Maintains commitment at all times.

—          Takes ownership of issues, mistakes and responsibilities.

—          Remains inspired and dedicated.

—          Overcomes barriers to success, difficulties and unforeseeable obstacles.

Relationship with clients and other team members— Good communication skills: assertiveness, listening, and validating.

— Participates in high-level decisions and collaborates; if necessary willing to do hands-on activities.

— Prioritizes relationships and team’s results over one’s own tasks and objectives.


Here’s the definition of Flugel’s Corporate values and its definition applicable to all the team members that belong to the organization.

Core Values


Flugel’s competence framework includes the following soft skills which are expected to be developed and shown according to each TM (team member) progress and level assigned. The complete definition of each competency plus their corresponding description per levels can be found here:




BUILDING AND MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS: developing rapport and working effectively with a diverse range of people, sharing knowledge and skills to deliver shared goals

STAKEHOLDER FOCUS: consulting with, listening to and understanding the needs of those our work impacts and using this knowledge to shape what we do and manage others’ expectations.

COMMUNICATING AND INFLUENCING: presenting information and arguments clearly and convincingly so that others see us as credible and articulate, and engage with us.


STRATEGIC THINKING: using an understanding of the bigger picture to uncover potential challenges and opportunities for the long term and turning these into a compelling vision for action.

MANAGING AND DEVELOPING PERFORMANCE: setting high standards for oneself and others, guiding, motivating and developing them, to achieve high performance and meet Flugel’s objectives and statutory obligations.

DECISION MAKING: forming sound, evidence-based judgements, making choices, assessing risks to delivery, and taking accountability for results.


PLANNING AND ORGANIZING: thinking ahead, managing time, priorities and risk, and developing structured and efficient approaches to deliver work on time and to a high standard.

PROBLEM SOLVING: analyzing and interpreting situations from a variety of viewpoints and finding creative, workable and timely solutions.

RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: gathering intelligence (information, opinion and data) from varied sources, making sense of it, testing its validity and drawing conclusions that can lead to practical benefits.


ORGANIZATIONAL AWARENESS: Understanding and being sensitive to organisational dynamics, culture and politics across and beyond Flugel and shaping our approach accordingly.

RESPONDING TO PRESSURE AND CHANGE: being flexible and adapting positively, to sustain performance when situations change, workloads increase, and tensions rise or priorities shift.

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