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Jobs in the UAE:

Nail Master, UAE
— Beauty salon
Зарплата: 1500$
Waitress, UAE
— Sports Bar & Restaurant
Зарплата: $1100 - $1360

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the federal state in the Middle East with an absolute monarchy and the capital in Abu Dhabi. One of the richest and safest countries in the world. In just 40-50 years, thanks to the wise governance of the emirs, oil and gas production, skillful investments in the development of the economy, it has advanced more than others in the development of tourism and services, industry, agriculture, real estate construction, trade and achieved financial prosperity.

The closest foreign economic relations have been established with Japan, which is the largest consumer of oil and gas products and the main exporter of automobiles, electronics, and other consumer goods.

The richest emirate is Abu Dhabi, since the most of the oil and gas is produced here.

Dubai is a commercial center where investments from around the world are concentrated.

More than 15 million people come here every year, for whom all new hotels and places for entertainment are opening. The local companies constantly need qualified employees, so they offer jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah.

During over 11 years, since 2009, the JobAurora employment agency has been helping for the Ukrainians and citizens from other parts of the world to choose the right job in the UAE free of charge. We know everything about the labor laws of the Gulf countries that are members of the Gulf countries union (UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia).

JobAurora is characterized by a high level of professionalism, as evidenced by numerous reviews from both customers and employers. Therefore, with our support, every specialist in his field will easily take a suitable position abroad and can be 100% certain of his safety.

JobAurora is the only International Employment Agency that charges for its services not from job seekers, but from the host party.

One of our most important advantages is the fact that we always stay in touch with customers throughout the period of the contract and provide assistance in dealing with various issues free of charge.

Benefits of getting a job in the Emirates

This country is one of the richest on the planet, which at the same time remains quite closed. Due to the specifics of the labor market, the local companies open up many vacancies for migrants, strictly selecting applicants for each position. High requirements for job seekers are compensated by salaries from USD 1,000.00 to 5,000.00 per month, good working conditions and opportunities for development. Therefore, the experts from all over the world are looking for employment in the Emirates.

Various enterprises offer to their employees:

  • Official employment. The employer enters into a contract with each employee, that sets out all conditions of cooperation: type of accommodation, size of wages, meals, obligations and rights of the parties, penalties for early termination of the contract, etc.; minimum contract period is 1 year.
  • Decent salary, which includes a rate, as well as good tips, premia and bonuses.
  • Employee benefits (accommodation, meals, medical insurance for the entire period of the contract, and transfer).
  • Processing of an employment visa and purchase of air ticket – you do not need to go anywhere or spend your money, we will send you an electronic visa with an electronic air ticket by email.

Thus, employment in the UAE is free of charge for the job seekers. All expenses are paid by the employer.

Another important aspect of work in this country is career growth. The companies regularly conduct training courses for their employees in order to raise their qualification and improve the quality of the services provided. An upward move in career is possible in half a year. In a year, one can already take a managerial position. Upon completion of training, the internationally recognized certificates are issued, which undoubtedly is of great importance for further professional development and financial well-being.

For foreign citizens, employment in the UAE is also an opportunity to visit this amazing country at no cost, completely free of charge (as they say: work and travel); to increase the level of knowledge of English, improve skills in a particular area, undergo free training and upskilling, gain experience in a multicultural environment and make new friends, and of course, improve financial situation. Impressions from this trip will become one of the most striking events in the life.

What vacancies are available to the Ukrainians

On the local labor market, the foreigners are most likely to receive offers from companies involved in the hotel and restaurant business, entertainment, trade, real estate, education, beauty salons, construction and oil producing industry.

Various organizations are actively looking for:

  • hotel administrators, receptionists, supervisors, restaurant managers;
  • sales consultants and store managers;
  • realtors;
  • entertainers for children and adults;
  • masters of manicure, hairdressing, eyelash extension and lamination, makeup artists, eyebrow artists;
  • excellent options for waiters, bartenders, hostesses, cooks.
  • housemaids and housewives;
  • teachers of general education schools and kindergartens, nurses in charge of children;
  • IT workers
  • administrative staff and financiers;
  • fitness trainers and fitness club managers;
  • SPA and massage therapists.

There are many offers for professional constructors and engineers. For the construction of new buildings, the Arab developers employ teams of plasterers, tilers, painters, welders and other specialists.

Who has access to employment

JobAurora cooperates not only with citizens of Ukraine, but also with residents of other countries of Europe, Asia and the East. The offered vacancies are equally accessible to all our clients, regardless of their nationality or religion. The main criterion is the experience, skills and abilities of the job seeker, and the level of English.

Among the mandatory requirements:

  • availability of specialized education and diplomas or certificates confirming qualification;
  • English proficiency at a sufficient or fluent level;
  • work experience in a similar position.

Regardless of whether a person is looking for job for artists, cooks, waiters or manicurists in the UAE, one should be prepared for a rigorous selection.

How to get a job

Our agency offers to customers a simple and understandable job search scheme, and also accompanies job seekers at all stages of employment. To find a job abroad, you must:

  1. fill out a questionnaire on our website (it is important to know that high-quality professional photos are 50% of your success);
  2. choose a suitable vacancy from the list of available one;
  3. prepare for the interview (this is an important stage which should be dealt with in a responsible way; we recommend to use the questions we have prepared based on our many years of practice,; it is also necessary to take into account the appearance and neatness, which are primarily focused on in the course of interview; friendliness, smiling and self-confidence are also of great importance – these are the main factors that are sometimes even more important than the length of service);
  4. pass an interview with a potential employer;
  5. conclude an employment contract;
  6. prepare documents for departure.

Work in the Emirates for the Ukrainians is a great opportunity to earn money, improve qualification level, see the world and get acquainted with the Arab culture. With JobAurora, you will realize your professional potential and get a legal job with decent salary. We help and support each client in pursuit of his goal, and the rest is up to you!