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Jobs in Qatar

Assistant shop manager, Qatar
— Biggest corporation of the Middle East
Зарплата: 10000-12000 QAR
Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor – VO2 Gym, Qatar
— VO2 Gym, Doha, Qatar
Зарплата: $2400
Lifestyle Genie/Lobby Hostess – Mondrian, Qatar
— Mondrian 5* Hotel, Doha Qatar
Зарплата: 630$ + tips
Brow Master Eyebrow, Qatar
— Donna Luce Beauty Salon
Зарплата: 1500-2000$
Receptionist – W Doha, Qatar
— W Doha Hotel 5*, Doha Qatar
Зарплата: 2300QAR + tips
Waitress – Mondrian, Qatar
— Mondrian 5* Hotel, Doha Qatar
Зарплата: 450$ + tips
Hair Stylist, Qatar
— Beauty salon, Doha
Зарплата: 1500$
Nails Master, Qatar
— Beauty salon, Doha
Зарплата: $1500
Hostess/Receptionist, Qatar
— W Doha (Marriott) - 5* Hotel
Зарплата: 630$
Bartender, Qatar
— 5* Hotel, Doha, Qatar
Зарплата: 450$ + tips (300-400$)
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Qatar is one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the Middle East. An ideal infrastructure, a high level of medicine and education, a per capita income on a par with Switzerland – all this attracts investors and, of course, people who want to work abroad to this state. Job in Qatar allows you to earn high income, operate in comfortable conditions and live with a sense of stability.

The international employment agency JobAurora helps the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries of Europe, and Asia to find highly paid and safe jobs from trusted employers abroad. We know every nuance how to find a reliable employer, successfully pass an interview and leave for work without risk. Submit your CV to find out which offers from Qatari companies are available to you.

What makes Qatar attractive

This state is located next to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, on a par with its neighbors in the terms of the level of development. It receives the major part of its income from the production and sale of oil and gas, while tourism, construction, information technology, and trade areas are rapidly growing here. The large companies often attract foreign specialists, so if you have the high qualifications, finding a suitable vacancy in Qatar is quite realistic.

The main city of the country is the capital Doha. This is the business center of the state – it is here that the offices of transnational corporations and the main giants of the Qatari economy are located. In the city, there are luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, boutiques, etc. In Doha, the majority employers is concentrated, who open vacancies for the foreigners.

Now the country is waiting for a grand sports event – the World Cup 2022. To hold the planned matches, new stadiums, hotels, restaurants and other infrastructure facilities are built here. This means that in the near future the state will open even more jobs for the visitors. First, the companies involved in tourism, services, beauty and health will need new employees.

The salary in Qatar is high by any standards: on average, one can get from USD 1000.00-2000.00 here at regular positions in the restaurants and hotels. And this is the amount which the employee receives “as is”, without charging a fee for housing, meals, or transfer. A fitness trainer can earn USD 2500.00-5000.00, a specialist in the field of trade – from USD 2500.00, a teacher in a kindergarten – from USD 1500.00, and a school teacher – from USD 2500.00 per month.

Such income allows you to freely save money with a decent standard of living. Another advantage is the developed healthcare sector. With available insurance, you can get all the necessary medical care with the quality far superior to the European hospitals. Low crime rate and a benevolent attitude towards immigrants from other countries also attract foreigners. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world.

Specifics of employment

A distinctive feature of Qatar is that the local residents work mainly at a senior management level, and newcomers take other positions. The percentage of migrants employed in various sectors of the economy exceeds 94%. Given the country’s dependence on foreign labor, there is a well-established mechanism for hiring immigrants from other states.

To get a job in Qatar, for example, in Doha or any other city, the job seeker must:

  • find an employer who also acts as its sponsor and guarantor;
  • conclude an employment contract with the company;
  • open an employment visa and residence permit.

It is very important that the contract is correctly drawn up, contains information about working conditions, salary structure and other nuances of employment. The contract is checked by an employment agency, which ensures that the document meets the interests of the job seeker and all the rules of the law. This is a significant advantage of finding work through professionals.

It should be noted that Qatar is currently reforming its labor legislation, making it more comfortable and simple for the migrants. Gradually, the country abandons the “Kafala” system, which imposes a number of restrictions on foreign employees. Among the most important changes: the repeal of a ban on leaving the country without a special visa, the introduction of a minimum wage for imported workers, and the provision of employees with the right to freely change their employer after a probation period. Soon, these amendments will enter into force, which will further increase the attractiveness of Qatar for the migrant workers.

Unlike the European organizations, the employers in Qatar act as guarantors of a foreign worker. They help employees with preparation of the documents, which give the right to work in a given country, residence permit, etc. Each new employee shall pass a probation period, after which he becomes a full-fledged part of the organization.

When getting a job through a professional employment agency, the job seeker receives advices on the main nuances of work in the selected country, including information on current restrictions and requirements.

What vacancies are available for the Ukrainians

In Qatar, IT specialists are in demand, as well as the architects, engineers, professional welders and other specialists necessary for construction works. The country is actively preparing for the World Cup in 2022, so many new sports and infrastructure facilities are being built here. But the largest number of vacancies for people who sought employment in Qatar is open in the field of tourism and services. Almost all employees of hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs, entertainment and shopping centers, beauty salons are the immigrants from other countries. Therefore, the representatives of widespread professions really find a well-paid vacancy with excellent working conditions.

There are always open vacancies in hotels and restaurants in Qatar for:

  • hostess;
  • maid;
  • waiter; barista, bartender;
  • concierge; receptionist; guest relation agent;
  • supervisor;
  • assistant manager; manager;

Jobs at beauty salons in Qatar:

  • manicure master;
  • hairdresser;
  • makeup artist;
  • eyebrow master;
  • eyelash extension master;
  • cosmetologist;

New fitness clubs open regularly and new vacancies for fitness trainers in Qatar appear.

The vacancies for sellers in Qatar are open in every shopping center. The brand stores (Massimo Dutti, Zara, Zara Home, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Oysho, Uterque, Boggi Milano, Kiko Milano, Decathlon, Virgin Megastore, Lefties, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Jules, Punto Roma, Reserved, Salsa Jeans Tezen Old Navy, Paul, Eataly, etc.) and LUXURY stores (Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, Versace, etc.) regularly look for fashion retail professionals for regular positions (Sales Associate) and managers (Sales Manager, Assistant Sales Manager).

Since April, the schools and kindergartens carry out recruitment for the new school year. The vacancies for teachers in Qatar are open for various specialties, ranging from specialists in preschool education to teachers in secondary and high schools.

Among the main requirements that employers raise to the job seekers, it is worth noting the age of 21 years, the availability of documents confirming qualification and experience in the selected field, and excellent knowledge of the English language.

How to find job in Qatar for the Ukrainians

Do you want to find a job abroad and earn a high income? In this task, the main thing is not to take risks but to cooperate with professionals. JobAurora Agency is your personal assistant in finding a legal employer and registration of labor relations. We offer a simple and established job search scheme in Qatar. You need:

  1. submit your curriculum vitae with a photo on our website;
  2. choose a vacancy that meets your needs and qualifications;
  3. pass online interview with the employer, having previously studied our recommendations;
  4. conclude an employment contract;
  5. apply for an employment visa and go to work.

We support each client at all stages of employment and even after arrival in the country of destination. We also guarantee the absence of hidden fees, commissions, contributions: the costs associated with employment are borne by the employer! Our customer reviews confirm that search for job in Qatar for the Ukrainians can be safe, fast and free!