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Jobs in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is among the countries of the Persian Gulf, and not very long ago was inaccessible to tourists and migrants. Now, it is open for the foreigners, and provides many opportunities for recreation and perfect earnings. This is a rich and prosperous state, which is not inferior to the UAE and other oil-producing countries in terms of living standards. High salaries, comfortable working conditions, and prospects for professional growth – all this makes employment in Oman attractive for specialists from all over the world.

The international employment agency JobAurora helps to find vacancies abroad, guaranteeing the safety and legality of going to work. We cooperate with the citizens of Ukraine, as well as residents of other European, Asian and Eastern countries. Our clients quickly find reliable employers, getting the opportunity to increase their income considerably, and also enjoy traveling around the world.

Features of employment in Oman

Oman is a state that successfully takes all its advantages. First of all, it develops due to the oil and gas industry, being one of the authoritative suppliers of resources to the world market. The tourism sector is also actively expanding here. The country is washed by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, there are beaches, mountains and deserts, ancient architecture and amazing natural beauties on its territory. The number of respectable hotels, luxury restaurants, shopping centers, fitness clubs and other institutions is growing every year.

The main business center of the state is Muscat city, the capital of the state. It is here that the largest number of employers who open vacancies in Oman for foreigners is concentrated. The local companies are scrupulous about staff recruitment, putting high demands for job seekers, including command of English, available experience and qualification in the chosen field.

In return, they offer:

  • salaries of more than USD 1,000.00 with an opportunity to receive premia, bonuses, tips and additional payments;
  • excellent working conditions;
  • employee benefits, including medical care;
  • transfer of a new employee to the place of work;
  • preparation of all documents, including employment visa, at their own expense.

But the Omani labor market has its own specifics. The organizations should give preference to local residents, and some professions are completely closed for migrants. In addition, to get a job in Oman for men or women, one must necessarily have an invitation from the employer and a signed employment contract.

What vacancies are available to the foreigners

Many locals receive a prestigious education and takes seats of senior managers and other leadership positions. The citizens from other countries are usually offered vacancies in the tourism industry and related fields. For example, going to work in Oman for girls and men is real for the following positions:

  • hostess;
  • customer service manager in hotels and restaurants;
  • waiters and maids;
  • fitness trainers;
  • cosmetologists, masters of hairdressing and manicure.

Experienced specialists in the field of IT, and construction are also wanted here.

How to get a job

It’s always easier to find an employer in Oman with the support of a trusted mediator. JobAurora agency is an experienced assistant in the search for profitable vacancies and registration of labor relations. We only cooperate with legal companies from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, China, Kurdistan, and Vietnam. With us, a well-paid job in Oman becomes easily accessible for the Ukrainians and citizens of other countries.

For employment, you must take several steps:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire on our website and attach a photo to the curriculum vitae.
  2. Choose a vacancy that meets your qualification.
  3. Pass an interview with your employer online. Be sure to study our recommendations to make the greatest impression.
  4. Sign an employment contract.
  5. Wait for an employment visa and ticket to fly to Oman.

Important! All costs related to obtaining an employment authorization and other nuances of employment are borne by the employer. You do not need to pay various commissions or fees, worry about hidden payments and unforeseen expenses.

With JobAurora, you can really profitably, safely and legally get a job in Oman, as confirmed by the feedback from our customers.