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Jobs in Malta

Malta is a small island state (Maltese archipelago with two inhabited islands), which is a member of the European Union. It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, being one of the best places to stay in Europe. Over 2.5 million tourists travel here every year, enjoying ideal beaches and a mild climate. Accordingly, the Maltese tourism infrastructure is very developed and there are growing vacancies for migrants every year.

Malta has a high standard of living, extremely low unemployment and comfortable living conditions. The rapid development of tourism and services sector makes this country attractive for labor migrants. Every year, permanent and seasonal work in Malta is becoming more and more popular among the foreigners who want not only to make good money, but also to relax.

A striking feature of Malta is the availability of ideal conditions for yachting. It is in this area that there are many vacancies for citizens from other countries. The local companies hire foreign employees for maintenance of yachts and berths, offering the positions of sailors, managers, mechanics, cooks, stewards, instructors, etc.

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What you need to know about employment in Malta 

This state differs from other EU members by the absence of large-scale industry and major production. But the local government competently focuses on the natural resources of Malta, turning the island into a tourist “Mecca” of Europe. There are a lot of luxury hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers, fitness clubs and beauty salons. Many institutions invite foreigners to work, especially during the opening of the tourist season.

Most employment options for citizens from other countries are open in the services and entertainment sectors. The Maltese organizations are looking for the experienced hotel managers, hostesses, guides, waiters, entertainers, fitness instructors, and beauty and health professionals.

But the vacancies in Malta cannot be called accessible to everybody who wants them. The state takes care of the employment of its own citizens, and therefore, all organizations should give preference to local specialists in selection of the personnel. One can get a job only if he is highly qualified.

The requirements for job seekers are quite high and this applies to a greater degree to the level of professional development. Jobs in Malta are open to the Ukrainians and other migrants, subject to the availability of work experience and certain skills in the chosen field. At the same time, command of language is not a prerequisite. For migrants, there are a large number of positions that can be taken with a basic level of English.

The list of such vacancies includes: manicurist, hairdresser, eyebrow master, cosmetologist, eyelash extension master. To get a job in the beauty salon, it is sufficient to have a certificate confirming high qualification. Moreover, the level of salaries varies from 1,500.00 to 3,000.00 Euros. Knowledge of English is also not required at construction sites, which is important for the welders, electricians, masons, plumbers, painters, and roofers.

In some cases, the organizations seek references from previous employers.

Having taken a position in a Maltese company, the job seekers receives a decent salary, comfortable working conditions, and quality medical care.

The specifics of employment in Malta

The labor legislation of Malta is quite strict, and therefore it is extremely difficult to get a job in this state on its own. So, one can open an employment visa only upon arrival in the country, by provision of extensive package of documents, which should include:

  • employment contract signed with the employer, with indication of the amount of salary;
  • photos in prescribed formats;
  • medical insurance with a coverage of at least EUR 30,000.00;
  • document confirming qualification and the right to work in the chosen field (depending on the vacancy);
  • confirmation of housing rent;
  • valid passport for traveling abroad;
  • confirmation of no record of convictions in the territory of the country of origin and the EU;
  • filled-up forms for obtaining an employment visa;
  • document confirming the rent or purchase of housing in Malta;
  • receipt of state duty payment.

This is a list of main documents, but in some cases additional documents may be required. The migrant has 3 months to apply for a visa, but it is not recommended to delay this issue. You should also be very mindful of the collection of documents, because in case of refusal an application may be resubmitted only in six months. If this is your first time applying for a job abroad, it is better to use the services of an employment agency so as not to lose a favorable job due to the fact that you did not take into account any little nuances.

An employment visa is valid for 1 year, and then it can be extended for another 3 years at the initiative of the employer. Apply for the extension no later than 30 days prior to the expiration of the visa.

It should be noted that the Maltese organizations do not always provide foreign employees with housing and transfers to their place of work. The rent of real estate in Malta is quite expensive, especially on the coast, and the public transport system is barely developed. Therefore, the issue of accommodation and transportation should be discussed immediately during the interview, so as not to face additional difficulties.

For comparison, the labor legislation in the Gulf countries obliges employers to be more responsible for employees invited from other countries. The Arabs provide their employees with housing, advanced training courses, transfer to work, and meals in many cases.

Most experts leave positive feedback about working in Malta, noting that there are many opportunities to get good wages.

How to get a job

If you also want to live on this wonderful island and increase your income, contact JobAurora agency. We not only help to find attractive vacancies, but also take care of all the issues associated with document preparation, visa procurement, purchase of a ticket, etc.

Our agency offers a simple and clear employment scheme, which includes several steps:

  1. Filling out a questionnaire on JobAurora website.
  2. Selection of open vacancies.
  3. Online interview with a potential employer.
  4. Conclusion of an employment contract.
  5. Registration of an employment visa with a further departure to work.

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