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Jobs in Kuwait

Fitness trainer, Kuwait
— Ladies Gym - Diva Gym Kuwait
Зарплата: 2300$ — 2500$

Kuwait is a small Persian Gulf country which is remarkable for high standard of living and rapid economic development. Thanks to the rich oil fields and the skillful guidance of the local authorities, over a short period of time this state became one of the richest in its region. Now, the vacancies in Kuwait attract the specialists from all over the world, because work in this country allows to significantly increase income and step up career.

The international employment agency JobAurora helps job seekers from Ukraine and other countries to find reliable employers abroad. We are well-versed in Kuwait labor laws and cooperate with legal and stable organizations. Our clients get the opportunity to legally work in Kuwait, realizing their potential and, of course, receiving high salaries.

Features of employment in Kuwait

This state is very favorably disposed to the migrants, especially when it comes to qualified professionals and people who want to develop in their field. The number of immigrants from other countries far exceeds the number of Kuwaitis themselves, and newcomers work in a variety of industries, perfectly adapting both to the hot climate and cultural specifics. Due to that, for successful activity it is not necessary to perfectly know the Arabic language, but the main thing is to be fluent in English.

An important advantage of this country is the absence of taxation. Here you get all the salaries due to you, without deduction of various charges or mandatory contributions. The life in Kuwait is significantly cheaper than in the UAE or Qatar, so a professional with stable work can afford decent housing, recreation and savings.

But you can’t just come to this state and get a job in the local company. Work in Kuwait for the Ukrainians and other foreigners is possible only if there is already an agreement with the employer. Only in this case one can obtain an employment authorization. In this case, the host party is considered a sponsor, therefore it incurs all administrative expenses, including expenses for:

  • issue of an invitation;
  • opening a visa;
  • obtaining of employment authorization.

The employer is also responsible for the invited employee while he lives in the country. Therefore, a visiting specialist can always count on support and assistance in important matters.

The organizations place quite high requirements for job seekers, which include:

  • command of English;
  • availability of documents confirming the level of education and qualifications of the applicant for the selected position;
  • experience in a similar position.

In turn, they offer a high level of salaries, employee benefits, including medical care, accommodation and transfer to the place of work, and paid leave.

What vacancies are available to the Ukrainians

The local labor market provides many opportunities for the foreigners; the most vacancies are in the field of leisure and tourism. The hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs and beauty salons offer jobs in Kuwait for girls and men, with salaries starting from USD 1,000.00 for regular positions (waiter, hostess, cook, bartender) in restaurants and hotels (receptionist, guest relation agent, lobby hostess), from USD 2,000.00-2,500.00 for specialists in the field of beauty, sports, and education. The doctors in Kuwait receive from USD 5,000.00 depending on the position, and the teachers receive from USD 1,500.00 to 2,500.00.

The specialists with experience in the field of trade and sales, construction, and IT are in demand.

The JobAurora Agency cooperates with elite hotels and restaurants, fitness centers and other luxury organizations. We offer highly paid jobs to job seekers with a guarantee of safety and legality of employment.

How to get a job

The clients of JobAurora can be not only residents of Ukraine, but citizens of any other countries of Asia, Europe or the East. The vacancies are equally accessible to all job seekers, and only the available work experience, the qualification level and knowledge of English are of importance. To find a reliable employer in Kuwait, you need to take several steps:

  1.       Fill out an application on our website and attach a photo to the curriculum vitae
  2.       To choose the option corresponding to your experience and qualification from the list of available vacancies.
  3.       To have an interview with a representative of the employing company. To make the greatest impression, use our recommendations.
  4.       To conclude an employment contract with host party.
  5.       To wait opening of visa.

All expenses for documents preparation and air ticket are borne by the employer! We guarantee the absence of any fees and charges for applicants by offering a truly transparent and secure employment scheme. The reliability of the JobAurora agency is confirmed by the reviews of those who have already got a job in Kuwait and successfully fulfill themselves in this country.

If you want not only to increase your income and grow professionally, but also to see other countries, then you make the right choice by applying to JobAurora. Do not limit your possibilities – the whole world is open before you! Submit an application on our website and get a job that will realize your potential.