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Jobs in Jordan:

WorkPlace: 5* Grand Hyatt Hotel
WorkPlace: 5* Intercontinental Hotel

Jordan is a small Middle Eastern country, which is washed by the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. Its closest neighbors are Syria, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This state has a small territory compared to other countries in the region, as well as limited natural resources. But thanks to the competent actions of the authorities, it is actively developing in the oil and tourism sectors, capturing the attention of labor migrants from around the world.

The international employment agency Job Aurora helps to find a job in Jordan for the Ukrainians and citizens of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia. Our customers are also residents of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands (Holland), Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the UK.

We offer legal vacancies and completely safe employment scheme. The Job Aurora cooperates only with legal organizations that have the right to employ foreigners, so each client is completely protected from any “pitfalls” of employment abroad.

Features of employment in Jordan

The main city of Jordan is the capital Amman, where the majority of employers are concentrated. This is the heart of the state and its financial, cultural and educational center, which is prime destination for the labor migrant. Other influential cities are Az Zarqa and Irbid.

In Jordan, the phosphate and oil production, light industry, the construction and tourism industries are most actively developing. Here, the illegal migrants are actively combated in order to provide the maximum number of jobs to the local specialists. The Jordanian labor laws are very strict in this regard and provide for a whole list of professions that are closed to the foreigners. For example, it is extremely difficult for a migrant to get a job in the medicine, engineering, trade, and management. The number of professions available to women is also very limited.

The most of all vacancies for citizens from other states are open in the tourism sector. There are a lot of job offers as entertainers in Jordan, and the companies are also actively looking for:

  • waiters;
  • specialists in the field of beauty and health;
  • hotel administrators;
  • hostesses, etc.

The IT specialists, professional constructors, and experts in the energy sector have good employment opportunities.

The organizations that hire foreigners are very stringent with selection of job seekers. Among the mandatory requirements:

  • command of English;
  • work experience in a similar position;
  • available documents confirming the field-specific education, passing of advanced training courses.

It is also very important to be well-versed in local traditions and features of business communication.

In turn, the companies offering jobs in Jordan for girls and professionals from various industries provide:

  • official employment;
  • comfortable work schedule (a work week usually lasts from Sunday to Thursday);
  • decent salary from USD 500.00, with the possibility of additional tips and bonuses;
  • opening an employment visa for new employee.

To go to work in Jordan, it is necessary to open a residence visa and obtain an employment authorization, which is issued by the local Ministry of Labor. This document is valid for a year, and then it shall be extended.

How to fill a vacancy

The employment agency Job Aurora offers uniform terms of cooperation for clients from around the world. The applicant’s nationality and religion do not affect his chances of finding an employer; the main thing is the availability of necessary qualification, work experience and perfect knowledge of English.

To get a job in Jordan with Job Aurora, you must:

  • fill out an application on our website and attach a photo to the curriculum vitae;
  • choose the appropriate option from the list of available vacancies;
  • pass an interview with a potential employer via videoconference (to prepare for dialogue, please be sure to read our recommendations);
  • conclude an employment contract;
  • open a visa.

At Job Aurora, each client receives maximum employment opportunities without overpayments, hidden fees and any other charges. All expenses for visa processing and arranging a transfer to the place of destination are borne by the employer. The reliability of our company is confirmed by the reviews of those who have already got job in Jordan with our help. With Job Aurora, you get prospects for professional growth and decent earnings.