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 Jobs in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small state, which unites 33 islands. It is part of the Gulf Union and is considered the business center of the region. The offices of many transnational corporations are located here, the powerful companies for the production of aluminum, oil, gas, and pearls operate. Due to its unique geographical location, the tourism sector is actively developing. Local organizations offer high salaries and excellent employee benefits, so work in Bahrain for men and women is a real opportunity to earn good money and gain invaluable experience.

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What makes Bahrain attractive for the migrants

The kingdom makes a profit mainly from the production and sale of oil and gas. But the local government is trying to diversify budget revenues, so it actively develops the financial and banking sectors, shipbuilding, construction, and trade. And the buyers from all over the world come here for the products made of precious metals and pearls. The investment climate of Bahrain is not inferior to the UAE, so that large corporations with a worldwide reputation are seeking to get here.

This is really prosperous state with a high standard of living, low unemployment and crime rate. The Bahrain organizations pay their employees, depending on the position, an average of USD 2,000.00 per month. Decent salaries allow to easily meet all everyday needs, including recreation, leisure and entertainment, as well as save up.

Not least among the attractiveness of the country is the tourism industry. The unique geographical location and warm climate create ideal conditions for resorts. Every year new hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and elite-class entertainment centers open here. The most vacancies for those wishing to find a job in Bahrain are available in the field of tourism and services.

Specificity of employment

In the labor market of Bahrain, as in other Gulf countries, the preference should always be given to the local residents. The local organizations have the right to hire foreigners only if no Bahraini citizens apply for an open position. Despite this, the number of vacancies makes it possible to quickly find a job in Bahrain for the Ukrainians and residents of other countries.

To take a position in this state, you need:

  • signed employment contract with the employer;
  • issued work permit for Bahrain;
  • open employment visa.

The Bahraini companies can apply for a certain number of work permits for foreigners without reference to a specific person. This greatly simplifies the employment process and allows a migrant to begin his duties almost immediately upon arrival in the country.

The employers also act as guarantors of a hired foreigner. They bear the costs of applying for a visa and arranging a flight, and often companies provide a new employee with housing, meals and a transfer to the place of work. But all these issues should be negotiated in advance and specified in the contract.

What vacancies are available to the Ukrainians

In Bahrain, the specialists in the gas and construction industries are actively looked for, and many offers are open to the experts in the field of IT-technologies. But the largest number of vacancies is concentrated in the tourism and services segment. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and other institutions attract foreigners to the positions of:

  • customer service managers;
  • hostess;
  • waiters;
  • maids;
  • fitness instructors, personal trainers;
  • hairdressers, manicurists, cosmetologists, etc.

Often, work in Bahrain for girls is possible in the field of trade, for example, as a sales assistant in jewelry stores and boutiques.

Among the mandatory requirements for job seekers, it is worth noting the available:

  • command of English;
  • documents that confirm the qualifications;
  • experience in the selected field.

Companies offer their employees a decent salary with the possibility of bonuses and gratuities, paid leave and sick leave, medical insurance, and advanced training courses.  

How to get a job

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Getting a position in a selected state is just a few steps:

  1. filling out the questionnaire on our website;
  2. selection of open vacancies;
  3. online interview with the employer;
  4. conclusion of an employment contract;
  5. visa opening and departure to the country of destination.

JobAurora is one of the few agencies which does not charge customers for a visa arrangement and other documents. The costs related to the employment are borne by the employer! The feedback from those who already got a job in Bahrain confirms our honesty and reliability. By submitting curriculum vitae on our website, you provide yourself with a safe employer search abroad.