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Privacy Policy

Use of Private Information

The company “JobAurora” guarantees the security and the safety of personal information provided by the visitors of the site. This sector is designed and is structured in order to tell the job seekers how to use data, which they leave when filling out the questionnaire. The information is needed for the selection of vacancies, except those situations, which are described in the legislation. Data both won’t be available in general access and won’t be available for the other users of the agency “JobAurora”.

How information is used and how personal data is processed

  • All private data and personal information such as name, surnames, patronymic, email address, telephone (home phone, mobile) are received by the administration of Aurora with the consent of the applicant.
  • Filling out the questionnaire by the site user means that he or she agrees to pass personal data.
  • Administration of the company both processed personal data listed in paragraph 1 and as well as information about education, advanced training certificates, level of the language and other foreign languages, visit other foreign countries, work experience abroad.
  • Data processing is done in order to provide services ensured by the recruitment agency JobAurora.

Laws and Data Processing Order

  •  The main purpose of the data processing should comply with the conditions specified in the collection of information and private data;
  •  Collection of the information should comply with the laws of Ukraine;
  • Collection of the information and private data should comply with the laws of Ukraine;
  • The company “JobAurora” is the owner of the information and does not provide it to others;
  • Data processing is done in accordance and with the following of the law of Ukraine “for the protection of personal data”
Private information which the user writes in the questionnaire is used by the administration in order to identify the personality. They are necessary for ensuring the services, accounting in collaboration with the company “JobAurora”. Information is kept in company databases if the job seeker in the past has collaborated or is collaborating with the company “JobAurora”. All presented data gives the company a great opportunity to provide more efficient services.

Agreements for Using Personal Information

Filling out a form with personal data on the “JobAurora” company website, the user agrees to save the provided information and personal data. Moreover, the user confirms the reception of news regarding only new vacancies to e-mail and to social networks. Here is shown and presented the information about the changing of the terms of use of the site. A user has a great opportunity to refuse to receive news in a special section. In order to fulfill obligations, a part of personal information may be transferred to a potential employer. Here is included: name, surname, patronymic, passport data, scans of documents confirming education. All these are shown and ensured with the agreement of the user when confirming a vacancy. The site does not provide any private information for the persons under 18 years old. If a person under 18 years old has been registered in the site and the company has the confirmation of his or her age, all data will be deleted soon. Any user can pause or delete personal data. For doing this, the only thing is needed to send a request to the site and the administration will delete all information. It can be stored in the archive for reporting. In the future, this data will not be used.

Why there is a Need for Non- Private Information

It is for keeping statistics, for the improvement of the site performance and for more effective cooperation of the company. Here that is why requires no personal information. Here is included:
  • addresses of sites from which the user entered the JobAurora;
  • company site, date, time and duration of using the site;
  • how regular the users visit the site;
  • the domain from which the user accesses the Internet connection.