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Teachers. Education

One of our popular destinations of the employment abroad is the sphere of Education. We have a number of vacancies for teachers: English Teacher, biologist, chemist, mathematician, physicist, astrologist, geologist, and geographer. We cooperate with leading schools and kindergartens in Middle East (UAE and Qatar) and China as well. We provide only legal employment! We propose high salaries. Departure for a work is by an employment visa. The cost of employment is paid by the Employers. Guarantees of reliability and safety are 100%. Get acquainted with the details of our vacancies and submit applications to participate in our programs.

Jobs in education abroad:

KG/Nursery Teacher, Qatar
WorkPlace: Doha, Kindergarten
Salary: 1200-1500$
English teacher, China
WorkPlace: schools and kindergartens
Salary: 1500-2000$
KG/Nursery Teacher, UAE
WorkPlace:Nursery school, Al Ain, emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE
Salary: from $1100-$1700
Piano Teacher, Qatar
WorkPlace:Doha, Art School
Salary: $ 2500 + commission
Teachers, Qatar
WorkPlace: Doha, Cambridge shool
Salary: 1400$+
Teachers, UAE
WorkPlace: Al Ain, emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE
Salary: 2000-3000$ +