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Retail & Sales

Retail Sales Jobs:

WorkPlace: Fashion Retail
Sales Coordinator – Travel agency, Maldives
— Tourist agency, Maldivel
Зарплата: $1200

Work in retail and sales abroad:

Our company’s personnel recruitment specialists can determine the labor needs in retail industries and distribute it wisely. We provide suitable HR solutions for retailers. Cooperation with us in the role of applicant will bring you not only material well-being but also a lot of positive emotions.

For a long period of work, Job Aurora HR Recruitment has become the preferred choice for retailers due to our extensive experience working with retailers in the Persian Gulf, Asia and Europe.

New Features

For example, Islamic countries achieved good prosperity thanks to their fossils, but at the same time it was a good start for the development of the service sector and, of course, retail. The volume of retail operations in recent years has maintained a positive trend. From this, employees in the retail sector continue to be in demand. Contacting Job Aurora Recruitment Agency first of all, it will give you reliability and safety, which means that you can make good money.

Perspectives of Middle East countries in retail:

– strict but fair legislation able to guarantee security;
– rich and beautiful countries with powerful economics;
– many career opportunities;
– work in the field of retail demand.

Requirements for the employee

– to fulfill their job duties, sale products;
– possession of the psychology of communication;
– proficiency in English, and sometimes Arabic;
– also for each job has its own requirements according to the specifics of the work for example, work experience, certificates, studies.

We advise your to describe your skills and abilities which are necessary in retail world.

Sure in all retail sectors you must have a high organization abilities, merchandising, money and time management, it’s important to own math and computer language, do not forget to mention the level of foreign languages you speak.

In business sector also you must be ready to improve your knowledge about brands, trends, products, marketing in time of working too. The employer will also pay attention to you character and communication abilities, if you are able to recommend you as a good worker, then for you to recommend a product for buyer it isn’t hard. You must be flexible, friendly and ready for new situations and improvement.

Some of the retail jobs : Retail Sales, Area Manager Sales, Sales Executive Outlets, Store Manager, Head of Online and Trade Operations, Store Promoter, Sales Executive, CRM manager, HighTech Accountant, Retail Sales Officer, Wholesaler, Store Clerk, Merchandising Stock Associates.

Enjoy benefits

– upload resume. When the applicant registered with us, he will receive notifications about new vacancies – Our consultants will find you. Accordingly, you can apply for a job you need.


To make your dreams come true or, maybe, to definitely change your life and get a new experience, starting today, all you need to do is to simply select a job from the list or to send your C.V. to us, indicating the position in which you would like to get settled – we will contact you when a vacancy appears.