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Vacancies hostess in hotels and restaurants in the Middle East countries: UAE, Dubai, Qatar and others, as well as in the countries of Asia

Vacancies Hostesses abroad:

Hostess – 5* Hotels, Turkey
— 5* Hotels in Turkey
Зарплата: $400
Hostess, Qatar
— 5* Hotel, Doha, Qatar
Зарплата: 500$ + tips

About work hostesses abroad

This position is in one of the most sought after jobs abroad. Translated from English, this word means: host, receiving guests. This is the person who is first seen by visitors to a restaurant or hotel. The main duty of the hostess is to make the guest’s stay as comfortable as possible.

In which countries hostesses are required

Aurora company offers jobs in the states of the Middle East and Asia. Preference is given to girls of pleasant appearance with a high level of spoken English. There are age limits from 21 to 30 years.

Many employers prefer job seekers with no work experience. The vocational training takes place in the workplace. But there are also vacancies where hostesses with experience of more than 1 year are required.

Main requirements: the ability to communicate nicely, to know the range of services offered, to be stress-resistant, friendly, to make decisions quickly. Preferred knowledge of additional languages: Spanish, French, Italian. Salary consists of a fixed amount and tip, possible premiums.

Requirements of hostess in the hotel

In the hotel, the hostess deals with booking rooms, meets and distributes guests according to their rooms. Acquains visitors with additional services, for example, the hotel has a spa, restaurant. If necessary, arrange a transfer, call a taxi or book tickets for a cultural event.

Requirements of hostess in the restaurant

Knowledge of “comfortable” tables, preferences of regular customers, for example, a family prefers to order one table for a Saturday on a restaurant, should be well oriented in dishes and drinks. Also, the hostess should know about the additional services of the restaurant, for example, calling a taxi, the ability to book a table.