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Fitness Trainer, UAE

Position: Personal Trainer

City: UAE, Abu Dhabi

Place of work: UAE Police are hiring coaches for conducting physical fitness trainings for future policemen.

Face to face interviews are starting in Abu Dhabi from 10th of June!


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25-35
  • Work experience: personal trainer from 3 years
  • Nationality: European
  • Bachelor degree in Physical Education or equivalent/fitness certificates
  • Knowledge of English: fluent
Responsibilities: training policemen


  • Salary:
–  9000 AED without accommodation and transport; –  7200 AED + accommodation and transport;
  • Accommodation: provided
  • Transportation: provided
  • Air tickets: provided
  • Medical insurance: provided
  • Official Employment: Employment Visa
  • Vacation: paid vacation annually

Vacancies are free of charge!

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