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Getting ready for interview


Getting ready for Skype-interview

Major points:

  • Pay attention to your account name: your first name and surname would be the best. In addition, Skype has mood settings – erase what you wrote being in a depressed mood.
  • Add contacts in advance, check the equipment. Look at yourself through the webcam before the interview, as this will help to notice the shortcomings which the interviewer can see. Create a good light in the room and take care of the background that will be visible to the employer.
  • At the beginning of the conversation, immediately change your network status into “Do Not Disturb”. Close the webpages in the browser and programs not related to the interview! Put the phones into silent mode, and better turn them off!
  • Prepare questions, refresh in memory the basic data – about the vacancy, requirements, and company. Do not forget the name of the person who will conduct the interview!
  • Prepare a pen and notepad to record important points. You should have at hands all necessary documents – curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, and portfolio. This will make it possible to give the necessary information as fast as you can.
  • Dress code. For an employer, such an interview is as formal as in case of face-to-face contact. Therefore, you should not forget about appearance. And not only about top part. Do not think that it is enough to put on a shirt, but stay in sweatpants or shorts!!! Unforeseen situation may arise and you will have to rise from seat. In addition, the formal clothing will partly help you get started and will also give confidence in your appearance. For Skype-interview it is better to use the neutral colors, avoid strips, bright colors and patterns.
  • Skype-interview doesn’t include direct personal contact, and then your speech is of vital importance. It should be confident and vigorous, avoid the words-parasites, long pauses, but do not forget about the problems of Internet connection, as the voices will overlap, and you just will not hear each other.
  • Look into interviewer’s eyes, into the web-camera lens. Avoid frequent movement of glance in the other direction or away from the screen. Of course you have the desire to see yourself on the video, so try to move the window of your own image closer to the camera (this also applies to the window where the interlocutor is seen).
  • Gesticulation and facial expression. Avoid both full immobility, and sudden activity. Do not forget about the problems with the image communication.
  • You all know English, but in the absence of constant communication with “native speakers”, many feel lack of confidence. Before the interview, read the book or see a movie in the original language.


It is important that the strategy of all your answers is as focused as possible on your interest in this job and your capacity to manage it. Then it does not matter what questions you will face at the interview. But answering them, do not try to over-embellish your merits, effuse boastingly what an excellent employee you are. It is important to know when enough is enough.
If you are asked about your good points, tell about what is directly related to the desired job. If you are asked about the weaknesses – mention only those disadvantageous features which are a continuation of your merits; (for example: “I’m used to work hard enough, I’m worried that I pay a lot of attention to details in the course of work, I am very hard on myself, etc.”. Answer easily and with a humorous undertone 🙂

Most often asked questions at interview:

  • What position are you interested in?
  • Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this position?
  • What do you think this position consists of?
  • What qualities do you have relevant to this position?
  • What is your qualification? = about myself.
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why are you interested to specifically in our company?
  • What are your weaknesses and strengthens?
  • Why did you leave your (previous) job?
  • What would you like to change in your previous job?
  • Who can confirm your qualities at your previous job?
  • How soon are you ready to start your work?
  • Where and what position do you work now?
  • Is it possible that your private life can interfere your work?
  • What are your ambitions? / What are your plans in future?
  • Did you have any job offers lately?
  • What do you know about __________ functional duties of our future position?
  • What do you know about UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)?
  • What do you know about our company?
Be confident! You will succeed! Good luck!