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Why work in the Arab countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kurdistan is attractive? What are the advantages of working abroad?
1.1. Legal job placement. Contractual employment. Flight by Employment Visa. 100% guarantee of your security as you are under the protection of migration service and employment service. 1.2. Stabile and high income. 1.3. There is no need to pay for the housing rent. The employer offers comfortable conditions for living. 1.4. Free nutritional wellbeing is provided in the hotel business. 1.5. According to the legislation of the Gulf Countries Unit the employer is obliged to pay all the costs for the employment (visa, flight, agency services). 1.6. You have an opportunity to receive an invaluable working experience at the international company and improve your English language skills. There is real opportunity to advance.
What are the security guarantees?
1.1. Foremost, as your Agent and officially recognized company we bear responsibility for you and control the whole process of the employment from the application receipt up to the termination of your employment contract. Prior to start working with one or another employer we check his reliability, incorporation documents of the company and get acquainted with the detailed information about the working place and references. Each our employer has an employment authorization for the employment of foreigners from the Ministry of Labor and Consular service. 1.2. Work by the contract where conditions and responsibilities of both parts are well-defined. 1.3 Flight for work only by the Employment Visa is opened only with the consent from the migration service in the consulate, on the assumption of nationality of the future employee. Resident visa is opened on arrival during 3 months.
How is the employment started? What is necessary to get the job?
Any process of employment starts with the CV. To take part in one or another program you have to fill in the application form and send it to us on the email for consideration. The subject line of your message should include the job title or the field you are interested in. After this our manager will contact you and provide with detailed information about the vacancies and select the most suitable one for you; if needed, he will assist you to correct your CV. In case your candidacy is approved by the employer you will be sent an appointment for the interview.
How to prepare your CV correctly? What is to be mentioned in the application form? Why should the photographs be attached?
It is necessary to write each item of our form in detail. It is necessary to give special consideration to the working experience and skills. You should describe your responsibilities in detail. Availability of your full-length and close-up face photographs is a must! CV without photographs is not full and is not accepted for consideration. Without photographs the employer is not able to make a final image of a candidate and understanding of how one or another candidate fits the bill. Well-composed CV with the presentable photographs is 80% of your success!
How are the interviews with the employer held? Is it necessary to come to the office? Is it possible to be interviewed via a Skype call?
Most of interviews are held over Skype in English. It is not necessary to come to the office. It is possible to be interviewed from your PC without leaving home. Personal interviews in Kiev or Odessa are held rarely. You have to be prepared properly for any interview; prepare your answers beforehand. Your appearance is very important during the interview—the employer estimates the candidate’s presentable appearance. Your hair should be clean and well-trimmed, for the ladies it is necessary to wear a light make-up. Business attire is obligatory.
At what age are the candidates considered?
In Persian Gulf countries the candidates are considered from 21 years of age, in the European countries from 18 years of age.
If I am not a citizen of Ukraine, can I apply for a job? What are the chances of getting a job?
Aurora is an international agency that is occupied with the employment of the citizens of different nationalities. It is not important whether you are Russian, Moldovan, Belarusian, Uzbek or representative of other nationality, you have the same chances to get a job as the Ukrainians.