Our Advantages

  • 99% of our vacancies are free of charge

  • We are licensed recruitment agency Licensed №1636 от 28.12.2016

  • We guarantee safe and success, providing by legal employment.

  • We have a wide range of attractive vacancies.

  • We care about our clients till the end of a Contract.

  • Stages of Employment

  • First of all, you need to fill out our Application Form and send us for consideration.

  • According to information in your CV we'll propose you the best opportunity.

  • Preparation to the interview.

  • Interview process.

  • Contract signing

  • Visa opening process.

  • Departure.

  • Our partners

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    Agency for employment abroad

    Are you interested in getting a job abroad, but have no idea where to start? Trust the professionals to handle the search for a suitable vacancy and registration of employment relations. JobAurora is one of the reliable agencies for employment abroad, which offers partnership with reliable Middle East employers to its clients.

    Why you should contact us 

    Searching for work abroad is a rather difficult task. Without knowing all the “pitfalls” of the foreign labor market, you can easily face with scammers or take a job on unfavorable conditions. Therefore, more and more people prefer to apply to the reliable firms for employment abroad, to which JobAurora is also included. Our employment agency is engaged in the selection of vacancies for the citizens of Ukraine, as well as residents of other European, Asian and Eastern countries. We work with legal and reliable employers from countries such as the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, China, Kurdistan, Vietnam, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. It is these directions that are the most promising and beneficial for the qualified personnel. We offer a wide range of vacancies for the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia in Europe, in countries such as: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands (Holland), Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and United Kingdom. As one of the best agencies for employment abroad, we offer to job seekers:
    • an extensive selection of vacancies;
    • individual selection of a place of work based on customer data;
    • assistance in filling out an application and passing an interview;
    • legal support in execution of an employment contract and obtaining a visa;
    • absence of hidden fees, commissions and other non-agreed payments;
    • guarantee of the legality of our services.
    Our agency for employment abroad takes into account the feedback of job seekers, and selects the offers only from stable companies that have proven their reliability. JobAurora customers work in elite hotels and restaurants, Luxury stores, fitness clubs, prestigious schools and kindergartens, profitable IT companies, beauty salons, factories, plants, construction projects, agricultural organizations, etc.

    Who can contact JobAurora

    The opportunity to get a job through JobAurora is given not only for residents of Ukraine, but also for citizens of other countries. We are an international company, which has been included in the rating of the best agencies for employment abroad, so our services are available to the job seekers from around the world. Anyone who turns to us receives the equal conditions for seeking employment, regardless of the nationality. All depends on the qualification level, command of English, experience and education of a particular person.

    How does cooperation with JobAurora take place

     Our company is among the TOP list of the agencies for employment abroad thanks to a well-established scheme of interaction between employers and job seekers. Over the years, we have developed a clear and simple mechanism for finding the most suitable vacancies for everyone who produces a curriculum vitae.  In general, cooperation with JobAurora includes the following stages:
    1. Filling out the questionnaire.
    The job seeker indicates his/her data in the curriculum vitae and sends the application for consideration to our specialists.
    1. Job offers.
    The employees of JobAurora select a job offer that matches the skills, education, and work experience of a particular applicant.
    1. Preparing for an interview.
    The client prepares the equipment and a place for an online interview in advance, as well as answers to possible questions from the employer.
    1. The interview.
    The applicant for the position communicates online with a representative of a foreign company. During the interview, you can clarify all the nuances of further cooperation and ask your questions.
    1. Signing of the contract.
    The client enters into an employment contract with the employing company. If necessary, our experts help to understand all the intricacies of the document.
    1. Opening an employment visa.
    Departure to work in another country is possible only by Employment Visa, which is granted at the consulate. We help to prepare an appropriate package of documents if the client has not previously dealt with such issues.
    1. Departure to work.
     Like all legal agencies for employment abroad, we guarantee the legitimacy and safety of employers, as well as the protection of the rights and personal data of the clients.  We make every effort so that every person who turns to us will realize their potential and get the opportunity to take a well-paid position. Therefore, if you are looking for proven employment agencies, then submitting curriculum vitae to JobAurora is the right decision!
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